General Information & Policies

We appreciate your interest in PreGel CANADA and our products. If you share our passion for creating great gelato, sorbetto, frozen yogurt, pastries and frozen desserts, and want to turn that passion into a successful business, then you are in the right place! With ten years of experience training students in the artisan world of gelato, you can be confident that you will leave our school with a wide-range of knowledge, confidence and support necessary to be successful in the gelato, pastry and specialty desserts business.

Program Overview

Our classes are designed for beginners and experienced students alike. Our classes provide a broad understanding of how to produce frozen desserts and build a successful business based on quality. Our specialty frozen desserts classes focus on different pastry and desserts options out there and how to effectively produce and sell them. But in all cases, our signature approach has been to provide students with both a solid classroom learning experience and hands-on instruction. It is our personal goal to make sure that no one leaves our classes disappointed or ill-equipped to succeed in their business.

Typical Class Structure

As a general rule, classes last seven hours and normally run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, make sure to check the curriculum of each class for the detailed information. The classes consist of two parts: classroom theory and hands-on participation. Our instructors are always available during breaks if you’d like to go over the class topics or discuss your individual needs.

Consecutive-Day Classes

Please note that many of our classes are offered on consecutive days. This means that rather than coming for only one or two days of training, we recommend you to enroll in a couple classes, making it convenient and flexible.


Most of our classes do not have prerequisites. However, if you are new to gelato and specialty desserts we highly recommend starting with an introductory gelato class or special classes.

Advanced gelato class is applicable for those who have some experience making gelato and want to master their skills and become a true creator. Advanced gelato class is available for PreGel Canada customers only.

Our Instructors

Attendees are encouraged to explore the world of gelato and frozen desserts under the guidance of our distinguished instructors. The most famous chefs and experts in the field will bring all of their experiences to the classroom.  One or more assistants may be assigned to each class to complement the instructor.

Awarding of Certificates and Diplomas

A Certificate of Completion is awarded to each student completing an Introductory Gelato or Special Class. The certificate affirms that each student has passed a test and reached a specific standard of knowledge. A diploma, an official document issued by PreGel Canada, is awarded to those students who have successfully completed an Advanced Gelato Class and passed the exam.


Our fully-equipped International Training Centers offer a variety of the batch freezers, display cases, blast freezers, soft serve machines, pastry tools and equipment that will give you a great opportunity to choose from the latest technologies in the business.


At the end of class leftovers may be taken by students in plastic to-go containers.


Recipes and instructions are provided for class use and are encouraged to be taken home.


We suggest you dress in comfortable, casual clothing. You must wear closed-toe shoes and pants, as you will be working in a kitchen environment. Also, if you have long hair, it should be pulled back. PreGel will provide lab coats or apron to wear during class.


Make sure to wash and sanitize your hands every time before making any product in the kitchen. Long hair must be restrained.

Cellular Phone Policy

Cellular phones must be turned off or placed on silent at all times while class is in session. While we request that you do not talk on your phone during class, you may do so if necessary in the hallway, outside of the classroom or kitchen. Cellular phones are permissible during the scheduled break periods.

Personal Baggage Policy

Bags of any kind are not permitted in the Training Centers. These include, but are not limited to, suitcases, backpacks, laptop bags, and purses. All bags can be placed in the Wardrobe room while in class. The Wardrobe room has shelf space available for any attendees that would like to utilize it.

General Policies

Class Fees

PreGel Canada charges a single registration fee per person for participation in each class. Since we offer many different classes, their cost may vary. Please check each individual registration page for specific pricing.


In case you are unable to attend a scheduled class, please let us know as soon as possible (preferably one week ahead of time). PreGel CANADA reserves the right to cancel our classes. In case of cancellation, all students will be notified a week in advance.

Photographs and Videos

No recordings, audio or video are permitted during the classes. You are welcome to take photographs inside the Training Center. Photographs of anything outside of the designated Training Center are prohibited.


If you have any allergic reactions to certain foods or ingredients please let us know before the start of the class.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages may be used in certain classes for sorbetto production. However, outside alcohol cannot be brought into the classes.  School participants may be asked to present identification to prove that they are of legal drinking age and will be held responsible for limiting their consumption of alcohol to safe amount. Pregnant women, people who will be driving, and people on certain medications should not consume alcohol.


No smoking of tobacco products, e-cigarettes or vaping is permitted within the PreGel facilities or on the property at any time.