PreGel Canada has an unwavering commitment to education and the PreGel International Training Centers are the only one of their kind. Our facilities offer instruction on the arts of various specialty desserts for everyone inspired to learn. The International Training Centers provide classes throughout the year for students of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

The PreGel International Training Center – Toronto features a classroom complete with a full audio and visual experience for lecture purposes, in addition to technical training stations and a full spectrum of gelato batch freezers, Hot and Cold Process machines and display cases.

The PreGel International Training Center – Vancouver accommodates a class of 10 people for a hands-on experience. The facility is equipped with a variety of gelato, soft serve and refrigeration equipment, and provides attendees with the opportunity to test and try each.

All International Training Centers represent a wide array of unparalleled equipment found in the industry.



On demand only – Please send us an email or call 905.727.3068 to schedule an appointment and build your own class.