Frozen Cakes, Gelato Pops & Novelties

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9:00 am - 4:00 pm

PreGel Canada Training Center - Toronto

Administration fee covers all supplies, materials, and lunch each day.



Frozen Cakes, Gelato Pops & Novelties Class in Toronto, ON

Chef Rodney Alléguède

1 Day Class


Wednesday January 23rd, 2019


 Classic and innovative frozen dessert ideas

  • How to use gelato overages in revenue-generating recipes
  • Hands-on production:
    • Seasonal dessert creations
    • Construction of multi-layered gelato cake
      • Simple ring mould gelato cake
    • Mono-portioned gelato desserts
      • Gelato Napoleon
      • Semifreddo and gelato monoportion dessert
    • Frozen pops
      • Elegant bar combining multiple fillings and textures
      • Simple bar combining gelato and coating
    • Pronto Desserts
      • Crème Brûlée
      • Crema Tiramisu
      • Pannacotta
  • Decoration and coating techniques for frozen desserts using fillings and sauces, glazes, and chocolate garnishes
  • Novelties for gelato and coffee shops:
    • Italian Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Foam
  • PreGel CANADA’s product offerings

If you wish to attend this class in Aurora Ontario, please register below.  Upon registration you will be contacted to finalize the registration process and confirm your attendance.

  • *Suggested Prerequisite: The Fundamentals of Gelato and Sorbetto Production Class

Cost: $120 administration fee + applicable taxes

Note: “The above curriculum is a sample curriculum that may change slightly due to new ideas, products, or seasonality”.


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